Snavs Stuns With New ‘Daisy’ EP

After three singles, Snavs completes the six track Daisy EP, released through lowly.

Daisy includes six tracks from Snavs, which were all inspired by love. The EP cover represents the paradox of love referring to the old “loves me, loves me not” game, including songs covering the sad and the happy part of love.

If there was any doubt in Snavs’ abilities, Daisy solidifies him as one of the most exciting electronic prospects. The melodies and sound design felt throughout the 14 minutes are simply sublime. The EP makes for an instant repeat once ‘Done To Me’ closes it out.

“On this EP, I experimented a lot with a more happy side of my sound while still keeping everything in a minor scale. I also went for the more classic melancholic “Snavs vibe” on some of the tracks, and the mix of these two vibes is what I wanted with this EP; to reflect on both sides of a classic love story” says Snavs.




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