Sophie Francis Talks; Not Giving Up, Dream Home, Favourite Events + More!

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We caught up with young gun Sophie Francis at ADE and discussed all things dance music including what the hardest part of being an artist is, her dream collaboration, where she would live anywhere in the world, her new track ‘True Champions‘, transitioning from a big room sound and more.

You’ve been DJ’ing for a few years now, what was the hardest part when you were first learning?

Yes since I was 16, I’m 19 now. One of the most important factors is not giving up, things can get hard especially on the production side. In the beginning it's especially hard, people say stupid things and you need to ignore them.

What was the earliest song you remember growing up?

I’ve grown up with a lot of different things, however in South Africa theres a group called Goldfish, that was my first live concert and I really loved it. The real first dance music that I listened and inspired me would have to be Showtek - back in their hardstyle days!

When you are starting a new track do you always start with a similar element?

It really depends on what track I’m making, for example with ‘Weekend Love’ it was the topline of the vocalist and then I started production around that. It depends on my mood, but usually I prefer to start with the break - but if I have inspiration for a drop, I’ll focus on that initially.

What is your favourite production of your own?

At the moment, it has to be ‘Weekend Love’, so far it's my most developed track - maybe you can hear that! I’ve been focused a lot in the studio this year. I mainly love working on energetic tracks, I have one called ‘True Champion’ which is not out yet but I’ve put it on all my videos because I love the energy in it.

When will ‘True Champion’ come out?

We don’t know yet, we might want to have a Chinese rapper on it. Or not, it’s not fully finished yet so I can still go anywhere with it - I'm not sure yet. But I really love the energy in it.

You’ve played all over the globe, if you could choose one of those places to live where would it be?  

I guess Tokyo, because I think you’d never get bored there. Every district, every street, there is something new to discover and I really love that.

What has been your favourite event to date?

I don't really have one, what makes a good event is the energy of the people. But actually, I think the people who go to Ultra and Tomorrowland, they go there with the mentality to have the most epic day. So those normally I really love, I love the vibe there, the energy, the people.

If you could work with any artist past or present who would you choose?

Right now, it has to be Shawn Mendes. I’m super in love with his voice, for a few years now. His voice is so authentic and so special, I would love to work with him!

What inspired you to pursue a career in dance music?

What really inspired me to become a DJ/producer was actually a school project. I needed to do something were I learned new skills and interact with new people. I always really loved working with music, I felt that djing and producing you can interact with so many people, you can make or break their night with the music.  

Your latest single 'Weekend Love's is awesome, what was the inspiration behind that?

I was actually at a Spinnin’ writing session and someone else was recording that track and I heard the lyrics and loved it. Most tracks now days are epic love songs or epic breakups - that sort of stuff. But these lyrics were about two single people and their love life. I thought it was super cool because it's different and being single is fun! I heard the topline and straight away I envisioned this whole happy melodic almost folk style to the track.

You've transitioned from a big room styled production over the past year, what motivated you to try a new sound?

I love making whatever I feel like making. I’m not someone who says with one style, I love hardstyle, I love trap, I love pop. I really try to make what makes me happy. I’ve made a few trap tracks, even a few trap reworks of my own tracks. I’m also making hardstyle as well as more upcoming club tracks.

Have you got any new releases upcoming that you can give us a hint about?

I have three tracks upcoming on Spinnin’ but unfortunately I cannot say anything yet!

The track mentioned above as well as Sophie’s latest release ‘Weekend Love‘ is embed below