SOUL’s SYNC ANC Are One Of The Best In The Earbud Market

SOULs high end SYNC ANC earbuds offer active noise cancellation for just $100.

SOUL have always provided quality ear buds for a low price and that continues with their superior product, the SYNC ANC. As indicated by the name, this is SOULs first outing in active noise cancelling (ANC). ANC creates sounds based on what it hears in order to cancel out that sound, putting more focus onto the audio coming from the ear buds and an overall more pleasant experience. There is only so much that can be done with ANC with ear buds, with the higher end coming from over ear headphones. SOUL have still done a terrific job and noise such as transport is cut out very nicely. Three modes are included within the buds, ANC, normal and transparency. There really is no reason to use normal mode other than to save battery (as ANC does drain slightly more). Transparency mode offers the ability to communicate with others and listen to your surrounds whilst still listening to the earbuds. Whilst this is a nice feature, the ease of simply taking out one earbud trumps holding down the touch button.

Speaking of the buttons, the ear buds allow for touch controls on the circular face of the buds – offering pause, skip, toggling ANC and more. It can be annoying to move the buds or insert them without triggering these buttons but you get the hang of it after multiple uses.

The fit is something that can never be perfect for everyone, but with the inclusion of three different bud types and the curved design of the bud, the SYNC ANC should create a fit suitable for most. The inclusion of the IPX4 is a added bonus, allowing for sweat protection and potentially further resistance.

Battery life is not the best on the market but it still holds its own, with over five hours of use just on the ear bud battery, that is bumped to a maximum total 25 hours including the case battery. Short 30 minute uses of the buds mean that it could be two weeks before you need to charge again. Charging is a pleasant experience with the inclusion of USB-C and quick charge.

The case has a sleek, minimal design that whilst composed of plastic, makes for a terrific experience. The magnets attract the buds perfectly, although there were one or two occasions of the buds still being connected to the device hours after they were put in their case (which is meant to disconnect them).

Audio quality is not going to be at the standards for audiophiles but for $100 the SYNC ANC provide very solid quality. There really are not any negatives about these ear buds, they connect easily and reliably, the product is high quality and the price is great. The ANC is a welcomed addition and will set these apart from other ear buds.

If you’re in the market for higher tier ear buds without breaking the bank, the SOUL SYNC ANC are a great fit for you.




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