The Best Affordable Ear-Buds You Can Buy Right Now

SOUL launches a brand new range of products in July, including the S-GEAR and S-FIT – two affordable earbuds that pack a punch for their low price. If you’re in the market for a new pair of earbuds, these are definitely worth a look.

Priced at just $39.99, the Soul S-GEAR are incredibly priced for what they offer. Seeing a low price like that does psychologically presume lesser quality and whilst they’re of course not the best on the market – they’re very solid.

USB-C charging should be available in any device where possible, having become the standard. Many other competitors and headphone manufacturers have still not embraced the technology, but Soul have. It means for less cables, with just one doing the trick for multiple devices.

Soul S-Gear Wireless Earbuds

The case is plastic and not a solid build, which is a negative that must be accepted for the price you pay. The magnets in the case are great at keeping the earbuds in and create a satisfying feeling. The case is a great size also and fit easily in your pocket. Size in not an issue when it comes to the cases on these earbuds.

Surprisingly, both pairs fit really well in the ears, even whilst running. Comparing with the Jaybird RUN XT’s, which are active oriented and come outfitted with secure wing-tips, both pairs of Soul earbuds staying in the ears more securely.

The sound quality in the S-FIT is obviously not amazing, so audiophiles will not purchase these earbuds. However for active individuals and general consumers – they will be very happy with the sound quality. The sound is muddy at times but for the price it is definitely nothing to complain about. They are quite bass heavy which is a treat for dance and hip-hop fans.

Soul S-FIT True Wireless Earbuds

The battery life on the earbuds has been exceptional, having used them up to 10 times through runs and general use – they have not needed to be charged yet. This will vary but with the quick charge and the case battery – there shouldn’t be any issues.

Bluetooth connectivity can be a nuisance, especially when setting up and pairing the two buds. However, once initiated; it should be smooth sailing, with the buds automatically connecting by the time they’ve been removed from the case and put your ears.

There are plenty of extra features that are impressive with both of these headphones.


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Water and Dust Proof (IP67 certified)
  • USB-C (quickcharge)
  • Amazing battery life (33 hours of play time)
  • Shock resistant
  • Touch controls
  • Google assistant and Siri compatible
  • Wingtips


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Water Resistant (IPX4 certified)
  • USB-C (quickcharge)
  • Amazing battery life (24 hours of play time)

SOUL provided these two pairs of earbuds to CULTR – however that did not impact this article, nor did they get an advanced copy.




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