Mokita & slenderbodies Drop Charming Single Together ‘Speeding Up’

Mokita has put out another well-written single “Speeding Up,” which has gained the attention of many in the industry with it’s rich qualities and chill vibes. There’s always a personal aspect that Mokita puts into his music, “Speeding Up,” is no different and adds to the charm of what’s occurring here. Smooth and lush, the eased nature going on is something enjoyable to return to – getting better with each repeat listen.

Upbeat guitar chords, gentle-yet-passionate vocals, and a sense that it’s all going to be alright is apart of the theatrics that Mokita and slenderbodies build into this one. Romantic at it’s core, the instrumental aspects layered with the story-telling going on enhances everything as a whole the two parts highlighted playing off each-other well.

Mokita has had quite a career thus far, showing no signs of slowing down. Kina, Dabin, Ella Vos, Stand Atlantic, American Football, GOLDHOUSE, Luca Schreiner, Don Diablo, and R3HAB are just a few of the names he’s worked with on music. Quite a diverse bunch considering the direction of the alias’s mentioned.

His talents certainly do not go unignored, and rightfully so. Listening back to his catalog of sounds, available on major DSPs, his songs stand the test of time. “Speeding Up,” is an enchanting addition to the collection.





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