Spotify To Offer High Quality Audio Streaming With Spotify HiFi Later in 2021

Spotify detailed a new addition to their platform, lossless audio, during their Stream On event today.

Spotify HiFi will deliver music in CD-quality, lossless audio format to your device and Spotify Connect enabled speakers, which means you will be able to experience more depth and clarity while enjoying their favorite tracks.

Spotify noted that superior streaming quality was one of the most requested features from users. With platforms such as Tidal offering lossless audio, now Spotify has joined the gang. Unfortunately for Tidal, there are not many reasons to choose it over Spotify, once the feature is implemented.

Spotify HiFi will begin rolling out in select markets later this year. At this point in time, it is not clear whether Spotify HiFi will increase the subscription price for users.  

Billie Eilish and FINNEAS joined the Spotify Stream On to talk about high-quality audio. 




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