Spotify Will Now Create AI Artwork For Your Playlists

Spotify is the latest to embrace AI art by letting users create custom AI-generated artwork based on the ‘vibe’ of their playlist.

The fun, new feature arrived on the Spotify app for users around 48 hours ago. So, we had to test it out, of course. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it, as well as some of the artwork that Spotify’s AI managed to come up with.

The tool should appear right in your mobile app, however, at this time it may not be available to all users. Alternatively, you can follow this link to create the art directly.

Spotify will create different artwork based on the songs in the playlist. For example, Spotify understands that there are different vibes coming from say a hip-hop playlist than a dubstep playlist, or a lofi playlist – therefore feeding AI datapoints to result in an art that is fitting to the style of the playlist.

Unless users upload their own image to a playlist, it will compile a 4×4 image from some artworks within the playlist. This alternative artwork creation tool is a great way for users to have a fresh option to create artwork easily. The next step for this tool would be to add text to the AI artworks.




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