Bad Tuner and TIN Release the Breezy Cool “I Contact”

Dripping with goodnatured vibes is New York’s Bad Tuner. The rising stalwart of breezy cool sounds has had a strong 2020 into 2021, establishing himself as an artist unbound by the dance scene’s craze for Tech House, House, and Bass house. He triumphantly has stayed in his lane, spinning barbs of buttery pleasantries that should be all you need for a good night — maybe with a little “mother Russia” in your cup as Yaeji would suggest. He continues his strong roll of tracks with the release of his “I Contact” with the help of TIN, the trending artist that began his ascent as creative director for 88rising.

On “I Contact”, Bad Tuner colors the atmosphere with streaks of affability, highlights of euphoria, and shades of ease. It’s the type of song that washes over you with a wave that instantly removes life’s tension and stress saying, “not today friend”. Similar to his previous songs, It’s almost like Bad Tuner is daring or even wishing his audience would submit to a laissez-faire feeling, at least for the moment. It’s this stylistic integrity that has consisted through his work and has established a coolness that is often lost by the dance acts chasing a craze that may have popped on TikTok. That is also why I look forward to each new track from Bad Tuner and why he is on the path to something special.

Breaking down “I Contact” further, the track is easily enjoyable and one that will be spun often. The production work is not overly complicated with 800 horns layered upon each other or distortion roughening the edges. It’s meticulously woven like a spider’s web with each element serving its purposes to create a greater whole. It’s a masterclass on production and the idea that less is more.

I would be remiss to not mention TIN. His vocals provide the perfect balance to the project and lift the spirit to a heavenly plane. The Vietnamese-American artist is one to keep your eye on in 2022.

Bad Tuner is building a strong repertoire of indie dance tracks that are easy to get lost in and feel good within their sound. “I Contact” falls nicely in line and continues to establish him as an act with a purpose, bringing post-pandemic bliss.

To stream “I Contact” follow the link here or scroll down.




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