Steve Aoki Produces Pop-Electro Track Alongside Norwegian Vocalist Dagny

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Known to be one of musics most toured artists as well as being labelled one of the biggest acts both for his production and his notorious cake throwing live acts. Steve Aoki has teamed up with singer Dagny, for a fresh pop-electro infused track called ‘Hit Your Heart’.

The track sets off a very emotional vibe, with honest lyrics, large brass and heavy drums. Aoki himself even noted working with Dagny saying “This collaboration came naturally I think to both of us. Her voice is so luscious and adaptable that I felt like I had a lot of musical freedom to produce something that would suit her vocals. She could fit into any genre, and that’s something I really admire about her.” Dagny also said that she was very keen on getting Steve to produce it. “After watching ‘Hit You Heart’ become a fan favourite in our live set, I sent a demo of it to Steve and he immediately wanted to be involve in the production. I wanted it to feel strong and powerful and capture that energy that came upon both us and our audience whilst playing it live - and that’s exactly what Steve added. I’ve been so excited to release this track and I hope it hits people’s heart-pun intended.”

With Aoki having had a lot of attention back in 2011, from massive hits such as ‘Pursuit Of Happiness’, ‘Turbulence’ and ‘No Beef’. Aoki had definitely created an electro style like no other! But with some of the recent releases, its seems as though he has incorporated the same energy but in to an alternative style. With recent collaborations from major talent such as Blink 182, Alan Walker and Nicky Romero, it seems certain that his new approach is working. With consistently being on the road and releasing plenty of new music, Steve Aoki seems to show no signs of taking a break.

Now having a collaboration with Aoki under her wing, it seems as if a well deserving break in the industry could be on the horizon for Dagny. We hope to see her on many more upcoming releases.

‘Hit Your Heart’ is out now on Republic Records