STRAINJER Bring Electro-Rock Edge To Center stage in ‘Cherry’s Bent’

A unique concoction of talent are teaming up to bring a brand new project to life. STRAINJER is the name and “Cherry’s Bent,” is the very first track that is being debuted. Timothy Layn and Mark Needham are the two names behind the act. Timothy Layn is 1 of 2 members of the acclaimed The Golden Pony. Mark Needham, who has worked with huge names like The Killers, Fleetwood Mac, Bloc Party, and others, is co-member of this new venture – the two together being a force of nature set to take over.

STRAINJER blends together elements of electro-rock and lo-fi together in a way that’s truly unexpected. The tune grabbing your attention from the very first moments and holding it all the way until the end.

Currently based on Brooklyn NY, STRAINJER utilizing many forms of instrumentation to bring out the vibes that we are hearing with this one. Both names are utilizing the best of their experience to put together something forward thinking and truly unique.

“The Golden Pony actually began as a 5 piece electro-rock band, but after some remixes went viral, I decided to pursue dance music and DJing. My true passion is with live vocal based music, and now I feel I have learned enough skills to go back to it and be globally successful.”

[My] goals are to write hit rock songs that sound and feel ‘fresh’, in terms of the sounds and production used to make them.”




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