Sub Focus Releases Dynamic New Album ‘Evolve’: A Fusion of Electronic Soundscapes

Sub Focus, the acclaimed electronic music producer and DJ, has unveiled his highly anticipated new album titled ‘Evolve’. This long-awaited release showcases Sub Focus’s evolution as an artist, pushing the boundaries of his signature sound and exploring new sonic territories. ‘Evolve’ is a captivating journey through a diverse range of electronic genres. With its intricate production, infectious melodies, and hard-hitting beats, the album demonstrates Sub Focus’s unparalleled talent for crafting exhilarating and immersive musical experiences. ‘Evolve’ is set to captivate fans and music lovers alike, solidifying Sub Focus’s position as a true visionary in the electronic music landscape.

“Having grown up in the ’90s, I was inspired to channel elements of my musical evolution over the course of this album,” Sub Focus told NME. “From dance acts that introduced me to electronic music like The Chemical Brothers through to the early hardcore and jungle music I was discovering back then.”

“Drum & bass has never felt stronger or more popular as a genre and I’m proud to have been a part of such a thriving scene for so long,” he added. “I’ve dabbled with multiple genres in the past but this time I wanted to make an album that speaks to my d&b core, with breakbeats laced through every track as a backbone.”

Evolve will no doubt be a treat among Sub Focus fans and drum and bass fans in general, the album has no low points and is an amazing 53 minutes of your time.




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