Kid Froopy Drops the Imaginative Debut Album, SILVER SILVER

When we listen to albums we experience a story, emotion, or even a piece of the artist’s soul. They set out to connect with listeners on a level that can often be lost or disguised by streaming services, which can also be extended to the constant swipe nature on social media. It takes true honesty to break through disingenuous digital lives and pluck listeners into the wave of sound where the connective pulse takes ahold. One such artist that has broken through the disconnect is Kid Froopy with his release of the ultra-emotional and imaginative debut album, SILVER SILVER.

Kid Froopy has been around for a few years, always at the intersection of suave, poignant electronic sounds. He first made inroads to our conscious with the release of “BB (Four Missed Texts)” on Moving Castles, a collective and label that has consistently been at the forefront of chilled-out trendy electronic sounds. This eventually brought him to Deadbeats where he released singles “Dreams“, “Drive Slow“, and “Down” in 2017. These served as hors d’oeuvres to the main course that is SILVER SILVER, providing us with a little taste of what’s to come. But before we could get to the album, Kid Froopy teamed up with indie-pop sensation Lostboycrow on “Orange Juice“, further establishing what he’s all about, a cool breezy electronic sound with honesty and sentiment.

That brings us to today and his release of SILVER SILVER on Deadbeats. The 11-track album has an easy flow with extraordinary cohesion. From the first lick of sound, Kid Froopy launches a cascade of emotion that envelops listeners and absorbs them into the album. It’s easy to feel the rawness and feeling that Kid Froopy pours into each precise sound and lyric. At times, the album is a sort of love letter to Los Angeles; at other points, it’s clear there is melancholy and anxiety languishing inside Kid Froopy that he is trying to understand and express. Through all of it, there is a 20-something-year-old that is articulating the honesty that eats at all of us as we struggle to understand and accept life, which is what makes SILVER SILVER so brilliant.

I won’t dig into each individual track because I feel that it would take away from Kid Froopy’s expression and the deeper, individual experience, especially as a fellow smalltown Midwesterner turned Los Angelino. There is something that I can’t put into words about the sonic narrative that those of you reading will have to discover for yourselves, which goes beyond a track breakdown. You’ll just have to trust me and listen to SILVER SILVER. It’s well worth the time.

Kid Froopy did provide us with exclusive insight, which helps provide us with context surrounding the album. He had this to say:

“I recorded this album in Los Angeles primarily in Spring 2019. I was really obsessed with classic LA singer-songwriters at the time. I think I was trying to do something like that but on my computer”




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