Swedish House Mafia Release The Incredible Live Album Of ‘Paradise Again’

Swedish House Mafia have finally released the live version of their Paradise Again album. The Swedes embarked on a tour across Europe and North America last year, showing their Paradise Again album. Included within their sets were a handful of new reworks and edits, in which fans had been anticipating since they were played. About a year ago, not long after their album was released, the trio said a deluxe version was just around the corner. It is understandable as to why the release has taken so long, one part is likely due to be compiling all the live recordings from the shows and curating them into the live album, the other part being gathering and negotiating the licenses needed for the official release. Not every song on the album is owned by the Swedish House Mafia.

From New York to Milan to Las Vegas to London, Ax, Seb and Steve have picked some of the best live recordings off their tracks from their tour, making for an epic globe-trotting recording. Hearing the crowd react to certain songs and them humming and singing them gives you goosebumps.

The live album includes the release of ‘Dream’, an unreleased original mix. The track is a hard-hitting offering that makes sense in their sets and less sense as a single release. Also included are the highly demanded reworks of their classic anthems. Almost every track is a mashup and listening to the set is an amazing experience that really takes you back to their tour. The 22-track album is very reminiscent of Daft Punk’s mashup-filled Alive 2007 album.

The release of the live album is the final chapter in their Paradise Again era, which marked the return of SHM. They will be continuing with their next era MAFIA next week with the release of their hyped new single ‘Ray Of Solar’.




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