Tale Of Us To Accomplish Massive Milestone Via Red Rocks Performance, October 28th

At the meeting point of geology’s masterpiece and electronic melody, Tale Of Us prepares for an unmissable performance at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. This debut headline show offers fans a mesmerizing live experience against the backdrop of nature’s wonder.

Originating from Milan, Karm and Matteo’s journey has been one of growth, inspiration, and continuous evolution. Today, Berlin is their sanctuary, a city that resonates with their unique ethos. This duo’s sound is an experience in itself: quivering keys, haunting chords, and meticulously paced percussion. It’s a music that lures the listener into a trance, shrouded in mystifying ambience and anticipation.

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Their newest venture, Afterlife, takes this ethos a step further, promising an odyssey through consciousness realms. Tale Of Us is not just about music; it’s a story of breaking emotional boundaries, invoking awe across global stages.

Ready to be part of this tale? The pre-sale for their Red Rocks gig is already live, with tickets available until 10 PM MT tomorrow. For those eager to secure a spot, use the promotional link provided. Doors will open at 7:00 pm, setting the stage for an evening where both the music and the amphitheater will leave attendees in revery.




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