The Cymatics Show Podcast Drops Valuable Insight For Music Community With Top Artists & Industry Interviews

Anyone who’s into music production knows who Cymatics are; over the past years, founders Drew and Steven have been working hard to provide the music community with high-quality sample packs and synthesizer presets, while putting out great educational content on their YouTube channel, offering production courses, releasing books, as well as giving out a lot of free production and educational material. 

One of Cymatic’s latest endeavours marks their podcast, titled The Cymatics Show, which launched in the summer of 2019 with producer San Holo. Hosted mainly by Cymatics co-founder Steven, the show is a really interesting deep dive into the minds of featured artists, and comes to all digital platforms, as well as on YouTube in video format.

Though Cymatics have featured a large number of established electronic music acts on the show, such as Vindatta, What So Not, Virtual Riot, Sikdope, Luca Lush and more, the 32 released episodes so far include a number of industry professionals as well. Budi Voogt, manager of San Holo, Nik Cherwink from LA production school ICON, Mike Lisanti from Prodigy Artists (manager of Borgeous, Kompany, Crandkat and Moody Good) and many more are featured, marking The Cymatics Show as one of the most diverse podcasts geared towards producers and industry professionals out there. 

The show covers guides on how to artists made their break into the industry, discussing finding their sound, writing songs, getting noticed and transitioning from a bedroom producer to global touring artist. Meanwhile industry focused interviews with key players behind the scenes discuss how to promote music, and share stories from top artist managers.

Check out The Cymatics Show in one of the links below:

What So Not Interview

Karra Interview

San Holo Interview





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