The Two Fake Blondes Go Big With Extensive Debut Album ‘Out Of The Darkness’

Properly titled album Out Of The Darkness, will certainly pull any somber moods out of the gutter for those who take the time to listen. Some songs confident and inspiring, some slower and more introverted, tracks like “Vans,” “Praise,” “Paradise,” and more, give a specific brightness to the world that only The Two Fake Blondes can bring.

Written in a small closet, the humble married duo are just fine with keeping their head down, maintaining steady focus on the passion of the music.

First jotting down song names, then expanding the ideas into demos, Petey and Hannah Mac, who make up The Two Fake Blondes, chipped away at what is now their debut album, bit by bit. The duo are all about the small wins and how the add up Out Of The Darkness embodies these traits and then some.

Pouring blood, sweat, and tears into each and every song, this is what member Hannah had to share about the track:

“Out of the Darkness” unifies the human spirit with its reminder of the tremendous tenacity of the heart”
– Hannah

The post-pandemic era needs more positivity, each tune on this album brings forth a light through an original electronic framework. Out Of The Darkness is a ride that won’t be soon forgotten.




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