The Wait Was Worth It For G-Eazy’s ‘These Things Happen Too’

Teased all the way back in 2019, G-Eazy’s next collection has now arrived. These Things Happen Too as shown by the title, is a continuation of his 2014 album These Things Happen. It was important for G-Eazy to get into the same mindset as he was in for the first album, he even went as far as to visit the same locations the first was recorded at, as well as working with the same people as the first, 7 years ago.

The newest album comes after G-Eazy’s Everything’s Strange Here album in 2020 which was something new for the Oakland born rapper. Fans have certainly been clamoring for his 2021 release however.

During a Wonderland interview in April 2020, G-Eazy revealed he’d recorded over 175 songs for These Things Happen Too.

The album rollout was kicked off with the appropriately titled ‘The Announcement’ (which is not including in the LP) and was closely followed by Gerald’s collaboration with Demi Lovato; ‘Breakdown’.

These Things Happen Too kicks off strongly with the single of the same name and the Lil Wayne team up ‘When You’re Gone’. Beyond those two, the album features a number of highlights throughout such as ‘Origami’. Is this Gerald’s best album? Time will tell and will definitely be up to the listener.

The project is made up of 19 tracks, with features coming from Lil Wayne, YG, E-40, Ty Dolla $ign, Demi Lovato, Anthony Hamilton, DaBoii, Marc E. Bassy, ShooterGang Kony and others. Production is handled by the likes of Hit-Boy, Hitmaka, OG Parker and 808 Mafia’s NonStop Da Hitman.

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