TØNY Returns with Another Instant Classic ‘Hollywood’

TØNY, the talented singer-songwriter, has been making waves lately, amassing an impressive six hundred thousand streams on Spotify. Today, we are thrilled to present her latest hit single, “Hollywood,” crafted in collaboration with producer Jan Eric. This captivating pop anthem exudes irresistible melodies, seamless hooks, and a flawlessly polished production that is sure to captivate every listener.

“Hollywood” explores the intricacies of personal connections, cleverly shedding light on the unnecessary drama often entangled in romantic relationships. With a playful undertone, the track aims to highlight the superfluous conflicts that arise within such bonds, showcasing TØNY’s renowned artistry and visionary approach. As the song rapidly climbs towards one hundred thousand streams, it’s gaining momentum and receiving recognition from prominent radio station Ö3 Austrian Radio station.




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