Triller Launch TrillerTV With 40 Original Programs

Triller today launch TrillerTV, with 40 original programs hosted by some of the top entertainers in the business. Triller continue to be behind rival TikTok but with the recent flirting of bans for the competitor, Triller has gained plenty of market share and will continue with the launch of TrillerTV. This new addition to the platform will also assist with Triller’s potential upcoming IPO.

The lineup includes shows with Jennifer Lopez, the D’Amelio family, DJ Khaled, the famed Hype House, Noah Beck, 2 Chainz Fat Joe, Bryce Hall, JR Smith, Perez Hilton, Daddy’s Issues’ Violet Benson and many others. Overseeing the rollout is Ryan Kavanaugh who created Relativity Real (now renamed Critical Content) and helped to build 40 television series across over 20 networks.

Social media’s favorite personalities will be hosting weekly 30 minute “live shows” using Triller’s live function, as well as some of the world’s most celebrated musicians, podcasters, celebrity personalities, fashion, art and gaming influencers. TrillerTV will also feature professional content such as relevant music, gaming, docuseries and other forms of entertainment that speak to the Triller culture-graphic which consists of fans who love hip-hop, rap and R&B.   

“The Triller audience made it clear they wanted more direct content, that offers a closer look into the lives of social media stars, musicians and other celebrities focused on music, sports, influencers, fashion and lifestyle, and we delivered,” said Bobby Sarnevesht Chairman and co-founder of Triller. “We recognized that we had access to the most sought-after stars in the world, and one of the best producers in the world who has made over 200 movies and 40 TV series, so it was an obvious endeavor for us to pursue,” he continued.   




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