Trust the Mask Emerges with Futuristic and Ethereal Sound in Debut Single ‘Will You Come?’

Italian-based duo Trust the Mask is back with a new single, “Will you come?”, and they’re ready to take the music scene by storm. The enigmatic duo, consisting of two female musicians, have already made a name for themselves with their previous singles, including “Solstice Ritual” and “Crisis”. With a distinctive sound that blends electro-pop with experimental chaos, Trust the Mask’s latest release is nothing short of impressive.

“Will you come?” features angelic vocals and 80s-style synths that work together seamlessly to create an otherworldly sound that’s both intriguing and energetic. The song is the perfect introduction to Trust the Mask’s upcoming debut album, which promises to be just as innovative and experimental as their previous singles.

But Trust the Mask’s music is only part of their allure. The duo’s name and the masks they wear are also an integral part of their artistic identity. Their beautifully crafted conceptual headpieces, which allude to an ethereal and otherworldly air, help to conjure and breathe life into another entity entirely. Unlike traditional masks, Trust the Mask’s headpieces do not hide their identity, but rather serve to enhance and amplify their artistic vision.

Trust the Mask’s “Will you come?” is a bold and unconventional single that encapsulates the allure of the alien and the avant-garde in perfect precision. With their unique blend of electro-pop and experimental chaos, Trust the Mask is poised to make a lasting impact on the music scene in 2023 and beyond.




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