UZ Curates The Future With “QGR-005” Compilation

Quality Goods Records is set to unveil their most recent QGRC-005 compilation, kicking off 2021 with a bang. Label head UZ curated the album to highlight the best up-and-coming trap music producers. Spanning 9 tracks, QGRC-005 is a testament to the diversity and rich talent within the genre. The project features a few familiar Quality Goods artists and many newcomers. Artists include Caracal, yancey, sebjin, XTALS, Jimmy Pé, Runnit, Yojas, Golden Child, Abimanyu, msft., bd hbt, anti. & Match Point. QGRC-005 is assured to be one of the best collections of trap music released this year.

“I am always on the look out for hidden gems and fresh artists and our yearly QGR compilations are the best platform to showcase that. We like to pick ‘under the radar’ producers that need a little exposure, and that we can help boost their career. This compilation is one of my favorite so far with music from Italy, Slovakia, France, South Africa, Indonesia & USA and that’s what QGR is about. Quality music knows no borders.”
– UZ


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