Deep Tropics and Virgin Hotels Nashville Collaborate to Deliver an Unforgettable Sustainable Music Experience

Deep Tropics and Virgin Hotels Nashville have joined forces to create an unprecedented sustainable festival experience. Virgin Hotels Nashville will be the official home for Deep Tropics artists, crew, and attendees during the festival weekend, showcasing their shared commitment to regenerative design and sustainability.

To kick off the festivities, the Tropical Traveler PLUS Welcoming party will take place at The Late Great, the hotel’s exclusive speakeasy, on August 18. Throughout the weekend, pop-up events and surprise programming will be held at Virgin Hotels Nashville, enhancing the overall festival experience.

Deep Tropics will also host two lead-in ‘Waveclub’ parties at The Pool Club rooftop on July 1 and July 29, featuring a reusable cup and zero-waste program to minimize environmental impact. With renowned artists and captivating stage designs across three stages, Deep Tropics promises an exceptional experience.

As a LEED Silver certified establishment, Virgin Hotels Nashville is committed to sustainability. The partnership between Deep Tropics and Virgin Hotels Nashville sets a new standard for festivals, combining entertainment and environmental responsibility.

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