Meet Wukong The New Bass King Signed By Bad Royale’s Rude Mood

In 2018 we featured some of Asia’s freshest bass talents, now starting off 2019 it seems like thats a trend that is destined to continue with the introduction of Singapore’s newcomer WUKONG on his Almighty EP. While this is the first official music, in an interview with Bandwagon, Alfy Ngor the talented producer behind the project reveals he’s already got collabs lined up with an impressive list of artists including Junkie Kid, Gianni Marino, Onderkoffer and TEEZ.


Featuring regional heavyweights Kaku and Inquisitive, the Almighty EP was signed by Bad Royale’s imprint Rude Mood. The evolution of the story of Wukong is begging to be told through the EP, starting at full intensity on ‘The Monkey King’ with Inquisitive which leads into hardstyle vibe, while ‘Maya’ the second track with Kaku shows a jacking Jerzy style beat that has already been heard on the stages of Ultra in Singapore.

Continuing on ‘Asura’ is a jerzy club feel incorporating an array of heavier tribal sounds that show off Wukong’s impressive production ability. Rounding out the EP we have the infectiously catchy ‘NAGA FIRE’ (Pop on That $hit) which is a perfect closer to this is monstrous EP with epic orchestral sounds building into hard hitting bass drops and energizing vocals.




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