Dutch Duos W&W And Lucas & Steve Pair Up For Anthemic ‘Do It For You’

Mega-collaborations in the progressive/bigroom house domain aren’t very frequent, but when they arrive, they do so with a blast. It’s rare to have pioneers of bigroom in W&W collaborating with pioneers of future house in Lucas & Steve, but the result is a dexterous amalgamation of their unique sounds, blended synergistically in an alluring record.

Released jointly via Rave Culture and Spinnin’ Records (representing the home labels of W&W and Lucas & Steve respectively), ‘Do It For You’ combines an addictive vocal sample with a charming L&S melody. W&W add the festival energy to the drop with a pounding bassline and exquisite FX. It’s a tune that’s as melodic as it is energetic, as catchy as it is rave-worthy. This delicate balance is the result of the creative linkages between the two duos, both inside the studio and out.

As W&W and Lucas & Steve say, they’re ‘super happy with the end result’, with it being ‘always fun to work with [each other]’. It’s the perfect mix of both their styles in all respects.




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