Zedd Recruits Griff For Fresh New Single ‘Inside Out’

Zedd is back. This time the talented producer brings on Griff for ‘Inside Out’. The track is a bubbly and fresh feel good song that showcases a few new tweaks on Zedd’s signature sound.

Rising UK singer-songwriter Griff brings an incredible vocal to the release and will be the major reason why this one will do well. These two are a perfect pair and their respective talents intertwine superbly.

Will Zedd fans from 2012 like this? Probably not. Will Zedd gain new fans for this and excite current fans? Most likely.

Zedd says about ‘Inside Out’, “I started working on ‘Inside Out’ roughly a year and a half ago and I’m incredibly proud for it to finally see the light of day. We are in such a tense state of the world right now; I feel like this song can provide people with a much-needed sense of hope. I always strive to push myself to try new things, musically. With that in mind, this song feels very new but also familiar at the same time. A huge thank you to Griff for bringing such an intense level of emotion to ‘Inside Out’ with her beautiful voice!!”

Griff also notes, “This song for me is about any relationship in your life that’s worth holding onto, whether its platonic or romantic. I feel like these days everything is about how things look on the outside, and so the idea of loving someone from the inside first, feels like quite an important thing to say right now. It’s so surreal for Zedd to want a new artist like me to sing on this track, and I’m just super grateful and excited to be involved in this.” 




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