Aminé Annnounces New LP With “Compensating”

Rapper, artist, director, culture shaker and innovative ingenue Aminé recently announced his highly anticipated and carefully curated/recorded full-length studio album, Limbo. While fans have to wait a few weeks to listen to the sophomore-ish record, Aminé is compensating with a brand new tune to preview what is to come on August 7.

Featuring Young Thug, “Compensating” is a bouncy, bubbly track that just get your shoulders moving and your body groovin’. The sound design is minimal, setting the perfect backdrop for the spotlighted hip hop vocals. The official video for the single represents the more simplistic, yet genius sonics through Sim-like characters casually strolling back and forth the blank white canvas, holding a green balloon shaped like a face. While this may sound odd on paper, it just works so perfectly together.

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