AMiR Releases Groovey New Track: “Stolen”

North-London songwriter AMiR has music running through his veins. Since a young age it’s been the only path, Starting with the drums, he soon found music an addiction taking on the guitar and piano. Since then, he’s worked to become the complete musician. 

His hard work has led to some incredible opportunities in the past couple of years. He’s worked with Grammy winning producers and travelled the world in doing so. Since starting out as a solo artist, it’s been an emphatic, upward trajectory. Tracks like ‘All Or Nothing’ and ‘Drench Me With Your Lust’ were instant favourites with Kiss FM, BBC Asian Network, the latter regularly supporting and shortlisting him as an artist to watch. Soon after, came support from Jo Wiley on BBC Radio 2 and Craig Charles on 6Music. Last years singles have also received worldwide support from Spotify’s editorial team.

This year sees AMiR take on his biggest challenge to date – His debut album. The first outing from the project is the undeniably catchy and groove-laced “Stolen”. While we can’t condone the actions of the protagonist, it’s a track that’s sure to stick with you the whole weekend.




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