Brazilian Trance Wiz-Kid Blazy Hints At Upcoming Album

Brazilian DJ-producer Blazy, known for his enchanting live shows and energetic psy-trance productions, has hinted at a possible upcoming album being on the near horizon. In a video posted Tuesday to the artist’s official Facebook page, with fellow producer Aura Vortex tagged, Blazy showcases new, unreleased tunes with a Portuguese caption that translates to “this is just a little bit of the album we are preparing for you.” Fans reacted quickly, with the video accumulating thousands of likes and hundreds of shares. 

At the young age of just 22, Blazy’s success is particularly impressive. As one of the youngest DJ’s in Brazil, he’s also one of the most successful. As a producer, his music has earned him top spots on the Beatport psy-trance charts multiple times. As a DJ, he’s toured the world, playing nearly a hundred shows a year. With a potential upcoming album, Blazy is keeping fans on their toes for what’s next from him.





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