An App to change your life….Station

STATION [Productivity App]
Price: Free
Platform: Mac OS / Windows

Station is a desktop based productivity app that allows you to host multiple web apps in one browser without having to login, and re-open each one every time you turn your computer on.

The app has over 400 integrations from finance to task management and design and allows you to have multiple windows per an app. You can have a centralised notification centre, mute apps individually or entirely with the “Do Not Disturb” mode.

We’ve been testing it out using Slack, Trello, Invoicely, WhatsApp, Squarespace, Facebook Messenger, Google Drive and Paypal among others and would say it has improved out flow of work by at least 20%. That adds up to a whole lot of extra time. The app has stopped pointless browsing on Facebook and across the web and kept us on task more than not. 





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