An Interview With VIZE: Origin Story, New Single, and more.

VIZE have made a name for themselves in the dance scene with a string of hit singles over the last couple of years, notably “Stars,” “Glad You Came,” and “Never Let Me Down,” making VIZE the most successful dance duo in Europe right now. With more than 375 Million streams, over 70 Million video hits, VIZE currently sits in the Top 100 of the German charts with three different tracks. They have collaborated with the likes of Felix Jaehn, Alan Walker, Sam Feldt, Tom Gregory, Afrojack, Alle Farben, and German rap heavyweight Capital Bra.Accumulating 32m streams since release, VIZE continues to steamroll the industry. 

When VIZE producer Vitali met Dieter Bohlen for the first time in the studio a few months ago, they came up with the idea to relaunch Brother Louie into the year 2020. Bridging the gap between 80’s forward sound and 2020’s danceable style, VIZE, Imanbek & Dieter Bohlen create a harmonious reimagination poignantly laced with Leony’s vocals A whirlwind of a collaboration featuring dance music’s hottest acts, as well as legacy artist Dieter Bohlen, “Brother Louie” serves as a sonic treat for modern times. To further commemorate the release we had the opportunity to chat with the German-duo on all things music.

Coming from a German-background, where did your influence in electronic music begin?

It began 2000 at the „love parade“ in Berlin. It was a blast.. over one million people were there and it was just the music that connected everybody

What’s the nightlife/music scene like where you guys are from?

It changed a lot in the last years. At the beginning there were mostly small clubs in Germany but now we also have a huge festival scene with some of the biggest festivals and acts. 

What convinced you two to pursue music as a career?

Friends and family and also the thought of the whole world listening to your music and feeling connected to it.

How did you guys decide to form a duo together?

In the beginning it wasn‘t a duo. It was only Vitalis’ project at first but it‘s hard to be creative and give 100% in the studio when at the same time you have to travel the world, so we needed a second part for the live shows.

How did this record with Dieter Bohlen come about?

I actually just sent him an email and asked if he’s cool with me working on a remake of one of his biggest hits from the past and he said go for it.

Describe the chemistry with you and Imanbek

Vitali has russian roots so they both share a very special connection. We love each other and it’s alot of fun to work together:)

You’ve seen a lot of recent success, what is something you look forward to in your careers?

There are some collab wishes! Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Julia Michaels for example.. and for the live shows more festivals in your country of course 😉 

Are there any dream collaborations you are hopeful for?

Hahaha maybe we should read all the questions first before answering


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