Andrew Pololos Delivers Prolific New Single “Control” Featuring JT Soul

Crafting an ode to the dancefloor, Montreal-based Andrew Pololos delivers the lead single off his forthcoming 2021 album, Until We Dance. Oozing with sultry vocals and sizzling deep house sensibilities, ‘Control’ ft. JT Soul provides a glimpse into what’s to come from the bubbling producer’s upcoming venture. Opening with a subtle melody, JT Soul’s enticing vocals flood the soundscape as the track quickly morphs into a heavy house beat. Pololos’ production shines throughout the track with a layering of groovy synths and a rolling bassline. Designed with the dancefloor in mind, ‘Control’ has an infectious melody that is sure to resonate with listeners across the dance music space.

“I’m really excited to unveil the new album! It features many talented vocalists from around the globe; including JT Soul, who really nailed the mysterious and alluring vibe on this one. I was looking for someone for about a year to mesh well with the Clapton Stratocaster and heavy bass line. It only took him about an hour to write the lyrics!” – Andrew Pololos






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