Mike Emilo, Treyy G, Lil Haiti & Mestiic Come Together For Massive Collaboration

‘Angel’ is a new fresh song by the four artists Mike Emilio, Treyy G, Lil Haiti and Mestiic. It’s not often you see a four way collaboration like this but in this case it doesn’t take away from the track!

This track has a summertime feeling with very catchy vocals. ‘Angel‘ blends down-tempo acoustic guitar with an energy filled drop. Meaning this track would do well at the beach, the radio and the club!

All of these artists have successful pasts. Mike Emilo has acheived over 50 million streams in the past few years, hailing from Sweden – he has worked with artists such as Akcent, VINAI, DJ BL3ND and others. Treyy G is the man behind the hit record ‘Trumpsta’ and other big records. Lil Haiti has also released his big track ‘Good Vibe‘.




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