Around The World with Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman

Swedish duo Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman have just dropped their mix of Serhat Durmus’ ‘My Feelings’. The talented duo fuse their incredible melodic progressive sound with the best elements of the original, adding another stand out to their discography. Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman have released masterpieces like ‘Payback’ as well as ‘Running’, ‘Penny’, ‘Born At Night’ on on their own Buce imprint. They continue to advance the genre of melodic progressive house and have delivered some of the best tracks from that genre over the years.

The pair join us today for our Around The World feature, which sees them delve into a handful of their favourite locations around the world. From touring to holidaying, Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman explain why each place is special to them.



Our favourite city in the world, been here many times, both in private and touring wise as well. We used an image of the Tokyo Tower in Roppongi as the cover art for our emotional track “Coming Home”. Some of our most loyal fans such as “Mika” live here, and she has traveled many times to see us perform outside of Tokyo. The people and culture of Japan are awesome!



It all started in 2015 i think when we accidentally revealed the whole festival lineup (Deadmau5, A&B etc). Instead of ok’ing the billing and flyer we shared the whole thing on Instagram. It didn’t take too long before all hell broke loose, but the promoter was very very clever. So he/she created a hashtag #vayateledimitri which means OMG Dimitri, and that hashtag was top 5 most trending on twitter in Spain for a while. We ended up playing 5 years in a row, and grew a fantastic fan base in Madrid and the rest of Spain because of that. Spain and Madrid have a very special place in our heart.


United States of America

We have to include Miami. Everyone who has been there in late March knows why, at least during the years 2012-2018. The vibe was amazing, everyone was there, friendships were made, music was the thing. During the last couple of years that very same vibe has started to fade away. But one of the key moments of our career was when we showcased Payback to the world with Steve on the Ultra mainstage. Time flies… but the memories remain the same!



Had to include Tomorrowland as well. The picture says it all. The greatest mainstage of them all in terms of bucket list.

Be sure to stream or download Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman’s incredible ‘My Feelings’ Remix HERE





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