ATB And Au/Ra Team Up For Seductive Single, ‘Highs And Lows’

Hailing from Germany, ATB is a legendary artist in the progressive, trance, and, house spaces. In 1998, this talented producer broke out onto the scene when he dropped his iconic single, “9PM (Till I Come)”. Since then, ATB’s signature sound has continued to evolve and open doors in the world of EDM. Now, he has joined forces with long-time collaborator York and gifted singer-songwriter Au/Ra on their new anthem, “Highs And Lows”.

This track wastes no time showcasing the beautiful voice of Au/Ra. It kicks off with her powerful lyrics, complemented by chilling echoing effects. Thrilling soundscapes are layered into the song as it carries on, such as crisp claps and groovy synths. When the chorus hits, a wave of uplifting vibes spread out over the audience. Altogether, “Highs And Lows” makes for a soothing fusion of pop and dance that spreads positivity to its listeners.

“Highs And Lows” does an outstanding job of putting each artist’s musical skills on display. The feel-good original is a sneak preview of an exciting 2023 for ATB, Au/Ra, and York.





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