Audien Unleashes Debut Album ‘Escapism’ On The World

Audien has just released his debut LP and it is a good as you would expect! Featuring a mix of previously released singles and brand new ones, this album is a perfect resume of what to expect from the LA based producer.

The album emits some incredible releases and emphasis what Audien does best; melodies. The sound design is impeccable and really captures the melodies.

The mix between quality vocals, captivating builds and electrifying drops results in an album that is truly breathtaking. If you’ve ever been a fan of Audien, this is a must listen. Make sure to wear a jacket as you may get cold from the goosebumps!

Usually you see an artist diversify with an album and experiment with different sounds and genres. Audien has not done that with ‘Escapism’, and it’s not a bad thing. Each track in the album does feature his signature sound, yet each single does have a distinctive feel that separates its self from the rest. However, the last track; ‘Sleep Paralysis’ is a departure from his sound and it’s awesome. The instrumental is a funky and bouncy record that is a delight.

In a message to fans before the release of the album, Audien states that he could have released this album years ago but wasn’t in the right place emotionally and musically.

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