Automhate Releases Diverse Genre-Bending EP ‘Ego Stream’ on Halcyon

Emerging bass music producer Automhate has just released his impressive 5-track EP “Ego Stream” on Oolacile’s newly announced label, Halcyon. The lead single has dubstep and riddim listeners pumped for the full release. While anticipating a myriad of genres, fans are bound to be blown away by the full project.

The diversity of production styles on this one will undoubtedly capture the attention of a variety of listeners–there’s truly something for everyone. “Uplift” packs a strong punch and a fun flute-like sound throughout the record, giving you plenty of reasons to stick around. “Motion – E,” my personal favorite, is the beautiful future riddim sound we would expect to hear from Halcyon. Mixing a perfect blend of melodic synths and wavy bass, this one is an absolute masterpiece written by the musical genius, Automhate. The range in styles from the talented producer makes Automhate another artist on the rise to keep a lookout for. He’s making large moves with the help of Halcyon.


Gaby Lara
Gaby Lara
24-year-old girl living in the Bay Area <3




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