Unrevealed SEXPAYS Debuts First Song ‘LOVE’

SEXPAYS is a USA-based artist who is getting a fresh start with a brand new vision. The artist isn’t afraid to get tongue-and-cheek with his sound, incorporating many salacious elements into the visual aspects of this music project. With that said, the music does speak for itself, all things considered, boasting a unique house sound that’s uplifting and vibey.

From the sound at hand and the multi-media kick off, much indicates that this is not the first go-around for the artist in terms of release songs. Yet, now he’s putting all his eggs in one basket and seeing where it takes him, bringing forth a fresh vision that speaks true to what this artist believes in.

Seemingly keep his identity more ambiguous, at least at the beginnings of this concept, SEXPAYS drives more attention toward the art at hand by taking this action.

Expect more to come from this creative and cunning mystery artist, and experience “Love,” in full below.




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