How You Can Listen To Avicii’s Album ‘Tim’ Early Via Special Cubes

Avicii’s post-humous album ‘TIM’ is due for release June 6th in support of his newly formed charity the Tim Bergling Foundation. We were first graced with the Aloe Blacc featuring “S.O.S” as well as “Tough Love” with Agnes and Vargos & Lagola.

After posting a mysterious teaser earlier today about the cube, it’s now officially announced to be playing the unreleased album inside. For only 48 hours, you will have the opportunity to pre-listen to the album on the 1st and 2nd of June. They’ll be six cubes, located in hotposts around the world such as Stockholm, London, New York City, São Paulo, Tokyo and Sydney.

The official description reads;

Avicii’s music was the soundtrack when we fell in love, when we made new friends and that time we danced all night. Avicii connected us. Around the world there are cubes just like this one. Walk inside and place your hand on the glowing Avicii symbol. When the symbols in two cubes are touched at the same time both cubes will activate. Together you will experience the new Avicii album. 1st and 2nd of June Stockholm – London – New York City – São Paulo – Tokyo – Sydney

The upcoming album is set to include collaborations such as the highly anticipated “Heaven” with Coldplay front man Chris Martin. Vargos & Lagola, and British songwriter Joe Janiak feature on a number of songs. Meanwhile Imagine Dragons land on a previously unreleased version of “Heart Upon My Sleeve”, ARIZONA on “Hold The Line” and Martin Svensson features on “Never Leave Me Alone”. There is also one remaining ID feature on a track titled “Freak”.

Update: Avicii’s team announced in a press release that cube installations will surface in the six aforementioned cities, while “smaller cubes” will be accessible in Berlin, Salzburg, Bucharest, Brussels, Zürich, Taipei, Auckland, and Toronto. To activate The Cube, a visitor needs only to place one hand upon the installation’s illuminated screen. Upon touch, the screen will automatically begin a search for another Cube user elsewhere in the world. Once The Cube locates this other person, The Cube will play the same clip from Avicii’s forthcoming album, enabling both Cube users to listen to the clip together. The Cube brings Avicii fans from all over the world together, to share in the experience of listening to TIM.

‘Tim’ Track List

1. “Peace of Mind” featuring Vargas & Lagola
2. “Heaven”
3. “SOS” featuring Aloe Blacc
4. “Tough Love” featuring Agnes, Vargas & Lagola
5. “Bad Reputation” featuring Joe Janiak
6. “Ain’t a Thing” featuring Bonn
7. “Hold the Line” featuring Arizona
8. “Freak” featuring Bonn
9. “Excuse Me Mr Sir” featuring Vargas & Lagola
10. “Heart Upon My Sleeve” featuring Imagine Dragons
11. “Never Leave Me” featuring Joe Janiak
12. “Fades Away” featuring Noonie Bao






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