Become Spellbound by WLHELMINA, Finland’s Rising Pop Phenomenon on ‘Magical Bitch’

Hold onto your headphones, music lovers! There’s a new pop sensation on the horizon, and she’s about to take the world by storm! Meet Wilhelmina Lehtola, better known as WLHELMINA, Helsinki’s very own musical prodigy who’s gearing up to dazzle the global music scene.

WLHELMINA’s story is one of passion, perseverance, and pop! At just 16, she turned the pangs of teenage heartbreak into lyrical gold, discovering music as her ultimate solace and source of strength. Fast forward eight years, and she’s a songwriting powerhouse with hundreds of songs under her belt. WLHELMINA’s musical odyssey has taken her from the vibrant streets of Berlin to the glitz of Los Angeles, the soulful corners of Nashville, and the stylish vibes of Stockholm, each city adding a unique layer to her already rich sound.

Her songwriting skills have already turned heads in the industry, especially with the hit “One With The Wolves” for Robin Schulz. Her unique blend of Nordic melodies and poignant lyrics has made her a go-to songwriter, while her solo career is skyrocketing.

WLHELMINA is not just Finland’s next big pop sensation; she’s a global music phenomenon in the making. With her unrelenting passion, dynamic performances, and knack for creating infectious pop melodies, WLHELMINA is ready to conquer the charts and our hearts. Watch out world, WLHELMINA is here to stay, and she’s just getting started!

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