Berlin House Supergroup LE YORA Release Debut Album ‘Labyrinth’

LE YORA is a fresh collaboration among four talented DJs and producers in Berlin. These artists, known individually as SOMMA, Jewels, yuma., and MAGNUS, have made a remarkable impact by achieving a combined total of over 10 million monthly streams despite having little to no live presence. Their recent releases, including the attention-grabbing singles ‘Ascension’, ‘More Than I Should Know’, and ‘Solaris’, have already accumulated over one million streams and have been added to over 2000 fan playlists. After much anticipation, LE YORA has finally unveiled their highly anticipated first full-length album, Labyrinth.

Labyrinth consists of ten tracks that take listeners on a journey through LE YORA’s distinctive blend of afro house, melodic techno, and ethereal indie-inspired vocals, all of which are grounded in the quartet’s songwriting background. The album begins with titled track ‘Labyrinth’, a melodic piano-driven track that showcases the elegant vocals of lead singer MAGNUS. ‘Meet You There’ and ‘Time’ then introduce heavy tribal rhythms and deep synths, expanding the group’s musical horizons. MAGNUS’ soul-searching lyrics, which explore themes of spiritual awakening, are a prominent feature throughout the record. The anthemic lead single ‘Ascension’ builds up to an explosive synth breakdown as MAGNUS poses the question, “Is there something more?” ‘More Than I Should Know’, the follow-up single, takes the chorus to new heights with bright arpeggios. As the album nears its end, highlights include the third single “Solaris” and the focus track ‘Lucid’, both of which build to exhilarating crescendos. The album concludes with “Tears,” a laid-back groove that provides a serene closing to the record.

As solo artists, the four members of LE YORA have developed a devoted following over the last two years with a series of releases on Selected. In the autumn of 2021, they united and spent six months crafting their debut album, Labyrinth, which was written, recorded, and produced across several locations, including Berlin, New York, and Glasgow. Each talented in their own right, there was not result but for their team up to be exceptional. Be sure to dive in and experience the new world of LE YORA.




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