Blanke Comes Alive in “Flatline” with Calivania

Rising to prominence from his work in the dark midtempo genre, Australian producer Blanke has continuously been evolving his sound which has now brought him to this future bass masterpiece in “Flatline.” Calling in the vocals from first-time topliner, Calivania, together they have created one of the most remarkable tracks of the season. Drawn-out chords and soaring vocals define this piece and makes the listener hinge onto each second of their work.  

Pulling inspiration from his past work, Blanke takes his production prowess to this emotional and melodic song with the same power and impact as the rest of his discography. Many artists stumble when trying to reconcile their old and new sounds, but Blanke has pulled this off perfectly and continues to prove himself a force to be reckoned with in the EDM sphere. 

Check out “Flatline” below:




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