BOSA Take Listeners On A Futuristic Journey In New Single ‘Fly With Me’

From the brilliant mind of producer and composer Stephan Jacobs, BOSA is an artist who is redefining the possibilities of sound design and electronic music. This gifted individual intricately blends electronica with a variety of multicultural instruments to create an alluring worldly sound. BOSA’s eclectic style has earned him memorable performances at the most renowned festivals on the planet, such as Burning Man, Coachella, and Vans Warped Tour.

Pushing his exotic and unprecedented genre-bending sound, BOSA delivers his newest single “Fly With Me”, with fellow creatives Sidecar Tommy and DPAK. Rooted in the West Coast experimental EDM community, Tommy is the co-founder and multi-instrumentalist of the popular bass band Beats Antique. He has collabed with the likes of CloZee, The Glitch Mob, Opiuo, and other experimental bass pioneers. DPAK is a musical phenom, as well as the frontman, violinist, producer, and more for the electro-pop supergroup sensation Robot Nature. In 2022 alone, this experienced veteran has performed over 80 live shows, bringing a multi-instrument dynamic experience to his audience.

With these three prodigious artists joining forces, “Fly With Me” is an auditory marvel. Speaking on the process of making the single, BOSA shares, “this track came together over quite a few studio sessions in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. It started when Tommy was staying over at my place and studio for the memorial of a beloved friend. It was obvious from the first chords that were laid down on the song that it had some deep emotions behind it, and it was important to keep that as the integral backbone of the whole song. I feel this song has a strong juxtaposition of feelings between melancholy in the low-end and 808s and optimism on the high-end vocals that were later recorded with DPAK. I don’t normally think of tracks like that, but that is the best way I can describe it. Tommy and I spent many days getting this track to where it wanted to be, and I can personally say I am very proud of this one.”

“Fly With Me” bridges enchanting vocals, colorful effects, and a hypnotic bassline to captivate its listeners. This fascinating anthem is a spiritual adventure into the future of sound, hosted by the genius of BOSA, Sidecar Tommy, and DPAK.

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