Bronze Whale and Poles’s New Single is “Devilish”

Austin-based duo Bronze Whale has been impressively crafting music to highlight their diverse musical talents, such as production, songwriting, and singing. The result is captivating soundscapes with electronic bones, R&B leaning toplines, hip hop drums, and pop melodies. With the introduction to their forthcoming EP somewhere on the horizon, the duo has teamed up with long time collaborator Poles to gift us a single to soothe our impatience a bit longer.

Bronze Whale’s music emulates a sunset vibe that transforms into an introspective late night drive, and “Devilish” perfectly encapsulates that vibe. The song obsesses over a girl with eyes that have a devilish glow, someone who is nothing but trouble, yet irresistible. The vocals are distorted and attractive, even adding a layer of mystery to the singer himself. Poles offers a certain grit to the song as a powerful bassline escorts the sound design towards Bronze Whale’s signature topline.

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