‘Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’ Name Confirmed Through Doritos Leak

It’s the end of July and we still do not have any official news or announcements regarding 2020’s Call Of Duty. In previous years, a trailer and/or announcement debuts in May, but given this year so far, it’s not that surprising that things haven’t gone to plan.

There has been various leaks indicating that the name of the upcoming COD game will be Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and now it looks like we have concrete evidence for that being the case.

TheGamingRevolution received a DM containing these images of Dorito’s packaging that shows a Double XP Promotion with Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. It contains the official logo for the game, as well as a start and end date for the promotion. 

TheGamingRevolution has been spot on with leaks pertaining to the current COD; Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare so whilst you should take this information with grain of salt, it’s likely true. Especially give that Call Of Duty and Doritos/Mountain Dew have had multiple partnership such as this over the years.

Watch TheGamingRevolution’s entire video regarding the Doritos leak below.

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