Zedd To Get His Own Overwatch Skin

You may or may not know this, but Zedd is an avid gamer and one of his favourite games to play is Overwatch. He played it so often he reached the max rank of Grandmaster. He unfortunately does not have as much time to play anymore, yet he is still Diamond rank.

At the opening ceremony for the Overwatch League Grand Finals in Philadelphia, PA – Zedd performed and his skin was officially presented to the world.

As the event started, viewers were immediately met with a clip of Widowmaker zipping into shot with her Grappling Hook, as Zedd’s logo flashed up on screen. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the stage… ZEDD!” the voiceover called out.

Even though the skin was tied in with the performance, there is no telling if it will actually make its way to the game, or if it was only used to coincide with what was happening on the stage.

If the Zedd skin does arrive in Overwatch, it will be the first of its kind. Blizzard Entertainment has released skins to commemorate players and Overwatch League teams in the past but has yet to add a skin celebrating the musical talent performing at large-scale events.

Zedd’s 15 minute performance was filled with his hits as well as his new track with Kehlani. She was there live to perform ‘Good Things’.

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