Cesqeaux And BeauDamian Combine For Bitbird Masterpiece, ‘Fade To Black’

A product made at a writing camp, from two artists who you might never have thought would ever collaborate, ‘Fade To Black’ is a soon-to-be classic bitbird tune, replete with signature elements that you might expect from a bitbird release. Lilting synths and sweet, processed vocals and a heavy, dirty drop reminiscent of Taska Black serve as testimony.

Cesqueaux is an artist who’s generally known for his harder trap sound, one that’s much rawer than what’s on show in ‘Fade To Black’. In contrast, BeauDamian is known for a lighter sound than this tune, making ‘Fade To Black’ a great balance of their artistic dispositions.

The most alluring feature of this tune, however, has to be the sound design on offer. The subbass is incredibly dynamic, uncharacteristically flitting across a wide range of frequencies. Meanwhile, the main melody is played out through a combination of many leads, some brassy, others metallic and others still distorted.

Although this tune might retain quite a simple arrangement, it’s without a doubt that its catchy melody and undeniable adroitness in production make it a must-listen.




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