Chromonicci Turns Heads With “Protocol94” Ahead Of Upcoming EP

Dallas native, and D.C. implant, Christian Crenshaw, aka chromonicci is a producer, vocalist, and DJ whose versatility as a creator and performer has propelled him into the limelight. Curating a transformative and fluid sound, he has quickly garnered support from the likes of Sam Gellaitry, Mr. Carmack, Louis Futon, Medasin & Great Dane. Now looking to leave an imprint on the current state of dance music, chromonicci is now gearing up for his forthcoming EP release on Quality Goods Records.

“My goal for this project was to combine sci-fi/adventure storytelling with imagery inspiring sounds. With Metropolis2104, I am able to place the listener in my metropolitan mega-city based in the year 2104. These 4 tracks detail a story of high-level government corruption and scientific testing, where a protagonist begins their quest to expose the truth of the government’s unethical practices.”
– chromonicci

The “Metropolis” EP is due August 28th. To better serve as a preface of what to expect, the first single “Protocol94” spills plenty of excitement into the project as we continue to anticipate the full EP.





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