CloZee Curates Compilation Album ‘Emergence’ For Gravitas Recordings

As a pioneer of world bass music, CloZee draws inspiration from artists far and wide and is an avid consumer of the genre herself. Now, in collaboration with the Gravitas Recordings label, she has curated her very own compilation record. Emergence aims to showcase both established and emerging talent in the industry and is based in the idea of discovery.

The 15 songs are presented in a cohesive and artful manner, each track flowing from one to another nicely. Recognizable names Esseks and Fakear dropped their singles earlier this month (the dreamy “Ellie’s Nap” and the organic nature sounds of “Sanctuary”, respectively), but some unexpected newcomers are the real welcome surprises here. Habitaat’s deep house-esque beats and R&B vocal samples make “Down For It” a dance-able standout number. The Ahee, Morillo, and Evan Fraser collab “Jungle Groove” lives up to its name; animalistic and futuristic at the same time, stay tuned for the infectiously bouncy trap groove on the second drop. NotLö’s “Abysmal” is minimalist in it’s production, but core-shaking bass wobbles feel like an acid trip in sound form.

On top of the release, CloZee will be putting on her own livestream this Saturday February 27th, the Emergence Virtual Music Showcase. The show will feature an exclusive new DJ set from CloZee herself, plus the aforementioned Morillo and NotLö, and friends and collaborators Savej, Axel Thesleff, Defunk, and more. You can RSVP for the stream now here.

The Emergence project as a whole is shaping up to be a huge moment for CloZee’s career. This record shows CloZee to be a true tastemaker for the industry, and we hope to see more of these compilations in the future from her.





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