Coach & Ref Drop Hallucinogenic Visuals In The Lyric Video For Their New Single: 3-D

Coach & Ref.jpg

Longtime studio partners and acclaimed producers Bleu and Daple have teamed up in an exhilarating, fresh collaborative venture. Working under the project name Coach & Ref, they are proud to debut their new single “3-D”, an explosive fusion of electro-pop and retro-futurism, now paired with the hallucinogenic visuals of the song’s official lyric video.

“3-D is about stepping out of our manicured virtual-reality skins for a moment to be with someone in actual real-time, three-dimensional humanity.” - Coach & Ref On the message and meaning behind the track.

A visceral, synth-pop dream with a biting edge - this song along with its electrifying visuals will have you tripping on nu-electro vibes and completely immersed!