Creamfields Officially Cancels It’s August 2020 Event

With COVID-19 still rampart throughout the UK, Creamfields have made the unfortunate decision to cancel it’s 2020 iteration.

Set to take place August 27-30, Creamfields will now that place during the Bank Holiday weekend of 26-29th of August in 2021.

With one of the largest and most impressive lineups of this year, Creamfields have already secured a handful of top artists for their 2021 events. With many more set to join them in the campaign leading up to the 2021 event.

Unlike other festivals, Creamfields will be offering refunds as well as vouchers for tickets holders who hold onto their ticket for 2021. This has to be one of the best schemes for cancelled/delayed events.

Creamfields had, and surely will have one of the best lineups next year – so it’s likely that many will choice to keep their tickets for next year!

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